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Qualified Technology CEO - Jim Donoho has started over one dozen companies from startup to profitable and currently owns 4 closely related companies in the technology sector. Qualified Technology Business Consulting specializes in both daily operations/procedures and the technology required to create higher profit margins. Jim Donoho leads this team with innovative ideas, common sense and cutting edge market research.

Making a business last is a challenge. Changing with the times is not as difficult but knowing what to change is. This is our specialty. We look at your business, your market share and missed opportunities with both your current market and missed potential markets.

Change is NEVER easy but blazing new trails with a weathered trail guide will make it less nerve wracking. Whether a new POS, computer network system, website/digital marketing, product introduction/replacement, HR, employee relations, accounting or CRM we will identify and then implement the necessary changes for you to wildly succeed.

We base all of our recommendations on more than just "gut" or "instinct", we do market research about your specific industry, client base, product trends and past performance. We create a detailed and outlined plan with you integrated into every step of the process. Project reports, timelines and expectations for you, us and your market share.

Nobody will care more about your business than you, but once we partner we run a VERY close second.

Partner with us, your new business conultant and let's start getting to profitable sooner!


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