The QT Pro and Worry Free IT Plan

What Is Included

$3000.00 per month

Local NAS/External storage Back Up configuration

Virus/Malware removal

Email assistance

Software installation – Server and desktops

Modem/Router installation and management

New computer/printer/internet equipment installation

Power protection audit and equipment installation

Phone and Tablet support

Cloud Back Up Service

Network management

Network monitoring

Firewall installation

Firewall Management

Network equipment install

Server Management and updates

Desktop updates and installs

WiFi Management and installation

Network cabling

Server Installation and set up

All Device support

POS System management

RFID/Scanner equipment installation

Security camera installation

Security camera management

Timeclock management

Software installation and configuration on a per user basis

Telephone System/PBX management

Telephone System/PBX installation

Equipment Controllers (Parking Gates, Manufacturing Controllers)

Cloud Services management (excludes storage monthly fees and bandwidth charges)